After The Winter A playlist for spring-cleaning the soul.

In Cochlea, Words
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Ubiquitous Monday mornings, monotonous work, and the occasional troughs of demotivation we sometimes have to slip into after riding a crest of success—these are all part of life. They are not eternal, though, they come and go. After The Winter recognises the temporary nature of adversity and celebrates triumph over life’s bleh-ness.

Whether it is on foot, in the passenger seat of a car, or on the train, After The Winter is also pleasant commuting companion: its high tempo makes putting one foot in front of the other a purposive experience; it provides interesting conversation during annoying, viscous traffic; and, it halves the time spent in cramped, crowded carriages.

Inspired by Lenka’s song by the same name, After The Winter commences with an energetic arrangement of popular, foot-tapping pop, rock, and electro songs with positive undertones. From its midpoint to its conclusion, its buoyancy is achieved through the cathartic lyrical optimism.

DURATION: 1 hour 17 min (19 tracks)
MOOD: Happy; things are looking up; this proverbial corner doesn’t know what’s coming around it.
NOTABLE ARTISTS: Coldplay (Parachutes; Mylo Xyloto); Snow Patrol (Final Straw; Fallen Empires); Smash Mouth (Smash Mouth; Get The Picture?); Pink Martini (Sympathique; Dream A Little Dream); India Arie (Acoustic Soul; Voyage To India); and Pink (Can’t Take Me Home; Funhouse).

Author’s note: This playlist is also good for hosting one-man dance parties when you think nobody is watching. They are. But who cares?