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remythequill is a hub of creativity created by Rémy Ngamije, who went missing in the world of full stops, commas, and photography. It is assumed, but not confirmed, that he is still sane and competent for most things in life. remythequill is a place of this and that, that and this.

Click on Words to read some fiction and long-form; Digital Iris is the home of Rémy’s photography while Graphic Traffic provides an outlet for the design itch; Tinkering is where things are made from other things; Cochlea is where you will find curated playlists for almost any mood or occasion; and, Press Play is an invitation to see the various video projects that Rémy is working on.

You can also view the ongoing i am | windhoek photography and writing project.


  • Author of The Eternal Audience Of One which will be published by BlackBird Books, a Jacana Media imprint in 2019.
  • Photographer wherever he finds himself.
  • English educator at St George’s Diocesan College.
  • Creative director of the Salsa Windhoek Social Club.
  • BA (UCT), LLB (UCT) graduate from the University of Cape Town (UCT).

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You can check out Rémy’s writings by clicking on the following links:

For The Weekender, a weekly supplement of The Namibian newspaper, the largest daily newspaper in Namibia:

 – Narrow Choices, Narrow Horizons

The Words Are In Retreat

The Problem With Being A Woke Black

Masculinity So Fragile

The Fine Lines Of Protest

Speaking With Curiosity

Urban Parks And Outside-ness

Work All Winter, Thrive All Summer

The Artist As Change

The Myth Of The African Accent

When Black People Find Things

People Are Going To People

The Dilemma In Teaching

This Adulting Thing

The Importance Of Firsts

The Importance Of Firsts – Part II

The Artist’s Time

Basket Of Deplorables

Do You Hear Yourself, Bro?

Crowdfunding For An Adult Life

I Have Questions

Everything Must Fall

– Stacks On Stacks

The Age Of The Short Act

No Time To Read

Everyone’s Struggle Is Real

Stay In Your Lane

Letters Should Be A Thing

The Price Of Improvement


The Lowdown On Staying Fit in 2017

Ghosts At The Start

Calling Them Out

No Time For Blind Optimism

For 99FM, one of the most popular radio stations in  Namibia:

Writing in Namibia, Happiness, and Success: An Interview with Rémy Ngamije

I Am Free To Own Me.

For Brainwavez (South Africa), a writing collective:

The DK Army; You’ve Got Mail…If You’re Lucky

Teju Cole Examines The African Supercity

Windhoek’s Doodle Sessions Draw People Together

For The Sunday Times (South Africa), one of South Africa’s largest daily newspapers: Law, A White Boys’ Club (PDF).

For Mahala (South Africa), an online portal of free speech:

 – Rich & Black

Unicycling Through The Terracotta Wasteland

People Being People

Chisa Nyama Disneyland

Aural Cannibalism

The Green Thing

Patrice & Me.

For Dwars, the student newspaper of the University of Antwerp: Aids in South Africa (translated from an older version of “Scary Movies“)


By day, Sarah Koopman is the Features Editor of Marie Claire South Africa. Because writing and generally being awesome with words is not considered proper employment in these times, she makes ends meet by tweeting and part-time superheroining (I am pretty sure that’s a word) when the sun sets. The correct pronunciation of her name is “Sar-aaah” and not Sarah as in “Cera”. Noting that difference, my friend, is what’s kept me alive this long.