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You need three things to redesign your website. A clear design goal (easy to formulate if you know what you want); fast internet (which can be harder to come by depending on where you live) and patience (which you will need in abundance if your internet is slow). In general, if you are thinking of redesigning your website while using a Namibian internet connection, don’t. Just don’t. The slow internet will make you will kill three puppies and ten pandas on the first day. By the third day there will be no snow leopards left in the wild.

But if the internet trade winds are kind to you, and you catch a good breeze, then you encounter another problem: your old content. Formatting all of your archived content to fit a new look is painful. And the spelling mistakes you encounter in your own writing will make you cringe. But, as I have come to discover, the process is nostalgic, too. As you click through your own content you come across forgotten stories, words from a distant time and place, and images you do not remember designing or taking. When did I write this? How did I take this picture? Damn, that is cool, how do I do that again?

No wonder people lose themselves to nostalgia–the past is always cooler. And…younger. And…braver.

But redesigns and content formatting are necessary, especially in today’s online game where storytelling tools are constantly evolving–you need to catch up with the times, keep up with them, and pray you can find some way of staying ahead for a while. Impossible, but worth a try.

Changing the look and feel of my website was a nightmare. Not just because a good internet connection is rarer than an unmolested woman in a Game Of Thrones episode, but because of the diverse content offering–it is hard to find a plate can handle all the jelly. With this latest reconstruction, I am hoping I have created a better storytelling platform. The new website has better typography and a clean, minimalist approach to image presentation. It is responsive, too. That means the website will adapt itself to whatever medium on which it is being viewed.

The redesign, however, necessitates the removal of some of the content, especially the old image galleries, which no longer meet the new aesthetic standards. In this post, I have collected my favourite images from 2011, the genesis of my photographic career. It was simpler time to shoot–there were no expectations, I had a smaller audience. Not that that has changed significantly–I still shoot what I want, in the way that is most comfortable and exciting to me. I am not as prolific as I was, though. Time starts vanishing when you are on the wrong side of 25.

Still, with all of my 2011 posts having been whittled down to my my writing and some design work, I thought it would be prudent to salvage some of my earliest photographs.