Hyena Town A playlist from the lawless outskirts of civilisation.

In Cochlea
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Far from the sterile, slave-swept streets of the city, out of the air-conditioned offices of the high, mighty, and corrupt is a place known as Hyena Town. Its tourist attractions include the House Of The Rising Sun where the sun never sets and Hotel California, the two-star establishment where you can check out but never leave. Hyena Town is guarded by a ragtag seven-nation army which protects its borders, keeping the creeping scourges of civilisation from taking root in its troubled backwoods. When the long arm of the law came into Hyena Town it was sent back broken in five places.

Consummate gamblers praying for a night with Lady Luck (she is expensive—but if you have the goods, she has all the bad you need); loquacious drunks who spit biblical truths; bar-room brawlers itching for a fight; revenge merchants who make a killing with every deal; and saints who pay the rent by being part-time sinners—these are the denizens of Hyena Town.

Hyena Town is where you go when society’s rules start choking your collar, when the constant demands to conform put a chip on your shoulder.

Watch your wallet and purse. Do not drink anything which has not been poured in front of you.

And make sure you shoot straight when someone looks sideways at you.

Welcome to Hyena Town.

This is a compilation of songs juiced with rock riffs, pulsating drum solos, and lyrics which shoot the sheriff, his deputies, and every marshal in the goddamn town.

DURATION: 1 hour 19 mins (18 tracks)
MOOD: Anti-establishment; rebellious; rock steady.
NOTABLE ARTISTS: The White Stripes (Elephant; Icky Thump); Rage Against The Machine (Evil Empire; Renegades); Jimi Hendrix (Electric Ladyland; Midnight Lightning); and Hozier (Hozier).

Author’s note: This wrap-around goodness also sounds good in moving cars with the windows rolled down.