Lullabies For Loneliness A playlist for slow moments of time in a fast, crowded world.

In Cochlea, Words
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Modern life is a constant state of connections: necessary connections with annoying but supportive encouraging chromosome connections and friends who take the edge of life; missed connections with people who could have been, would have been, or should have been something or the other; and, unnecessary, draining connections with the rest of the loud, oppressive, and intrusive world. Instagram. Facebook. Twitter. Friends. Family.

The crowd is never far away.

Sometimes, though, it is necessary to take a small step away from the herd and enjoy a moment alone. In those moments, when the rest of life courses by, rushing towards its own myriad destinies, hopes, disappointments, and triumphs it is good to just step out of the current and watch the flow pass.

You can always dip your feet back in later.

Lullabies For Loneliness is a collection of songs for slow, contemplative moments of time in a fast, crowded, thought-drowning world.

DURATION: 1 hour 18 mins (20 tracks)
MOOD: Solitary; reflective; away from the maddening crowd.
NOTABLE ARTISTS: Twenty One Pilots (Regional At Best; Blurryface); Nelly Furtado (Whoa Nelly!; Loose); The 1975 (The 1975); The Fray (How To Save A Life; Scars & Stories); Noosa (Wonderland); and Frank Ocean (Nostalgia, Ultra; Channel Orange).

Author’s note: It has been noted that Moleskine pages and refilled fountain pens are particularly attracted to this playlist.