Rise & Shine O’Clock An up-and-at-them playlist with no respect for snooze buttons.

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The alarm rings and pulls you out of your slumber. There were pretty girls, and even more handsome men. The cars, the houses, the life. Things were really better in your dreamland. But now you are awake, and before you even reach for the snooze button today’s to-do list goose-steps through your mind, its long list of tasks and deadlines dampening the bright sunshine streaming through your window.

Welcome to the world, kid. Are you batting like a champion today? Because life is going to pitch like it wants to win the World Series.

So turn off the alarm, throw back the covers, put your feet on the ground and do the following: rise and shine.

Life has too many Monday-like days to not be prepared for them. Sure, you will have to take the L on some days. But don’t worry, a perfect win record has never been a prerequisite for taking home the championship.

So rise. And shine.

Whether you are strolling to work; stuck in the longest commute; or downing the first of many cups of coffee Rise & Shine O’Clock is the perfect aural breakfast to get you ready for the new day.

From the first song in this up-and-at-them compilation this playlist does not hit the snooze button. Its funk, jazz, pop, and rock beats make this playlist jump out of the bed, brush its teeth, inhale the morning cup of coffee, and prepare to carpe the shit out of the diem.

DURATION: 1 hour 17 min (20 tracks)
MOOD: Buoyant; bitch don’t kill my vibe; the snooze button is for sissies.
NOTABLE ARTISTS: Maroon 5 (Songs About Jane; V), New Radicals (Maybe You’ve Been Brainwashed Too); Bastille (Laura Palmer EP; Bad Blood); Michael Bublé (It’s Time; Call Me Irresponsible); Des’ree (Supernatural; Dream Soldier); and, Basement Jaxx (Rooty; Crazy Itch Radio).

Author’s note: This playlist is best enjoyed with a fresh pile of paperwork, annoying colleagues, and a boss who is always quarter to to being safely disposed of in the paper shredder. This playlist is also good for post-resignation life. Ain’t no party like a just-handed-in-notice party because a JHIN party don’t stop.