Soundtrack Of The Disconnect A playlist for the quiet space in the storm.

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Disable your Instagram notifications, log out of Facebook, and put away the phone. Nod and smile politely as much as you have to, shake hands, be nice, be a robot, and hold out until you find a quiet moment in the storm.

Then enjoy floating in the amniotic embrace of loss, despondency, and aching memories.

This umbilical will be cut at some point, and then you will have to face the world. But not today. Today you can drift.

The Soundtrack Of The Disconnect is a collection of songs for recollection, perfect for days and nights when you are plugged into the sound and disconnected from the world. The haunting melodies and words are waiting to usher you into the calm, nostalgic space between.

DURATION: 1 hour 18 min (17 tracks)
MOOD: Recollection; curtains closed; adrift in the aftermath.
NOTABLE ARTISTS: Justin Timberlake (Justified; 20/20); R. Kelly (; Chocolate Factory); Skylar Grey (Like Blood Like Honey; Don’t Look Down); Frou Frou (Details); and Empire Of The Sun (Walking On A Dream; Ice On The Dune).

Author’s note: It has also been noticed that Moleskine diaries are attracted to this playlist.