The Ambler Returns A playlist with pavement swagger and zero fucks to give.

In Cochlea, Words
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Hooting, rushing cars; busy, crowded trains; stifling, awkward elevator rides; tepid cups of stale coffee; boring, water cooler conversations with Bob from the accounting department; looming, scary deadlines; stretched, welcome bathroom breaks to while away the time; dead, bland canteen food; and, passionless, paper-punching to make the rent—this is the life of the corporate worker bee.

Do not be fooled by the slim-fit suits, skinny, designer hangman’s nooses, or sultry pencil skirts and Zara power suits everyone wears. They are just camouflage, the marks of conformity—they are the makeup and face-covering sunglasses which hide the bruises and harsh realities of the working world.

The queen demands her honey so the slave-chained worker bees fill their briefcases with forms, pens, and paper and go out into the world to make it. The hive swallows life whole as it passes through its turnstiles and revolving doors and adds nothing but fatigue and unpleasantness to the world.

Rather put on your cuffed sneakers, tie your shoelaces, step out onto the pavement, smell the sunshine, see the sounds of the city, and join The Ambler on his cracked, weather-worn, open-air disco dance floor.

Right foot, left foot, right foot, left foot.


Do it again.


This is a playlist with pavement swagger, enough in its pocket for the man begging on the street corner, but no fucks left to give for the rest of the world. This is the world of The Ambler, a place of side streets and byways where  narrate every step.

One foot in front of the other, baby. Because Richard Ashcroft taught me how to walk this way.

DURATION: 1 hour 19 mins (19 tracks)
MOOD: Nonchalance; pavement adjacent; no more fucks to give.
NOTABLE ARTISTS: Madcon (So Dark The Con Of Man); Common (Like Water For Chocolate; Electric Circus); Dilated People (Neighbourhood Watch; 20/20); and Mos Def (Black On Both Sides; The New Danger).

Author’s note: The only cure for fear and boredom are action, beginning, taking that first step. This is the soundtrack of the start of many positive and exciting things.