The Quiet Melancholy A pensive playlist for crowded thoughts that demand loneliness.

In Cochlea, Words
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Life is a series of moments, lived and forgotten, one after the other. Bright, happy moments when the soul shines with its own internal light, and sad, dark moments when the soul’s long look back allows the past to overtake the present.

In these nostalgic moments the soul disconnects from the world and floats in its own ephemeral emotional sea, pushed by the bittersweet trade winds of loves won and lost, faded memories, steering towards a personal peace.

The Quiet Melancholy is a choice playlist for days when tomorrow will, regretfully, take you further away from yesterday. It is a wistful pop and soft rock playlist primarily carried by the songwriting prowess of popular radio stars as well as niche artists only found in the most remote corners of music libraries.

DURATION: 1 hour 17 min (19 tracks)
MOOD: Pensive; crowded thoughts; alone, and better for it
NOTABLE ARTISTS: OneRepublic (Dreaming Out Loud; Native); Counting Crows (This Desert Life; Hard Candy); Gabrielle (Gabrielle; Always); Third Eye Blind (Blue; Out Of Vein); Adele (19; 21), and Jaymes Young (Dark Star Album).

Author’s note: This playlist is also good for nights spent filling pages with words.