Africa at the Olympics Infographic: Africa's medal performance at the Summer Olympics (1896 - 2010).

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I won’t lie: I watch the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games and then wait for the runners to head to the starting blocks. I could care less about the swimming and the pole vaulting, but if I did that I would subtract from how little I care about the judo or the gymnastics. You see, I only have so much interest in me and I save that for the running events. I don’t even watch the soccer. For the most part, I am watching these Summer Olympics to see what kind of show London will put on after the epic and ostentatious  Beijing display in 2008.

Oh, and Beijing gave us Usain Bolt, the world’s fastest (recorded) man. Three world records–100m, 200m and the 400m relay–and a cheeky celebration that could have its own Twitter account. Beijing was special. But now London beckons.

Will he be beaten? Will he break his records? Will he even race? The world press has managed to keep the sports pages turning because of these three questions. I cannot wait to see the tall Jamaican take the field and, hopefully, bedazzle the world in the same way he did four years ago. But then there is Yohan Blake, another Jamacain, who I can only describe, ironically, as a bolt out of the blue. Granted he has not yet broken any of Usain’s records, he has sent out warning signals to his compatriot with the way he has raced since the Jamaican Olympic Trials. I cannot wait for them to face each other.

Besides the sprinting, I only watch events that have Africans participating in them. By that I mean I watch Kenyans and Ethiopians run their competitors into the ground. Yes, that’s all I watch at the Olympics. No shame in admitting it.

While browsing the internet to get the latest on the London Games a thought struck me. How many medals have African countries won at the Summer Olympics anyway? That question led to a Google search and a Wikipedia page.

But I found the page boring. So I sifted out the information I wanted…and designed this.

Africa At The Olympics

Nothing like some infographic design at two in the morning. Who would have known that Burundi have a gold medal to their credit? And I have always known that Kenya and South Africa are always in there with the best of them, but damn, those numbers are impressive. I hope the African countries can bring in a decent haul this year as well. Because we are, after all, AfriCANs…not AfriCAN’Ts.

Design: Rémy Ngamije.