All That Glitters Is Good A playlist for stealing back stolen time.

In Cochlea, Words
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Seconds, minutes, hours, and days; weeks and months; and then years. This is the slow, relentless march of time. Without pause and apology it continues to move forward.


Most of it is spent at work; most of it is spent trying to keep ahead of bills, of the costs of living—correction, the costs of dying—and, trying to save for a future that is yet to come.

The mistake many make, though, is not realising the future is already here. Because this moment here is already gone. Here is no longer now, it is then. The clock’s hands have already relegated this precious instance to history.

But that is no way to live, in fear of time, in fear of each passing second, or each fleeting hour. Inevitability is not to be feared; it is to be embraced as a friend, as a worthy and challenging adversary. It is to be greeted politely, with respect, but not undue deference.

Hence why, sometimes, it is necessary to let time fly on while you escape the daily constrictions of life and enjoy the small moments. The sunshine, the breeze, the beach, the soft sand—the small moments when you can look up at the sky and realise all that glitters is, indeed, quite good.

This is a compilation of light, carefree, and content songs, in need of a sunset, a beach, or some cocktails.

DURATION: 1 hour 18 mins (17 tracks)
MOOD: Mellow; cock-a-hoop; good vibrations.
NOTABLE ARTISTS: Buena Vista Social Club (Buena Vista Social Club; Lost And Found); Goldfish (Perceptions Of Pacha; Get Busy Living); Samantha James (Rise; Subconscious); Mi Casa (Micasa Music; Su Casa); and Beatenberg (The Hanging Gardens Of Beatenberg).

Author’s note: The following line from Ridley Scott’s Gladiator seems most apt: “If you find yourself alone, riding in green fields with the sun on your face, do not be troubled; for you are in Elysium, and you’re already dead!”