Avis Dam Photographs and words from Avis Dam, Namibia.

In Digital Iris
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On the eastern outskirts of Windhoek, on the way to the Hosea Kutako International Airport, is Avis Dam. It is a wide swathe of land set aside for the public to enjoy the rolling, hilly landscapes that encircle the capital city.

At the end of a long week, full of copywriting, editing, and website design it is my go-to place to lose myself in my thoughts. At sunset, my favourite time to stroll by the shores of the reservoir, the hills and mountains are basked in the light of the fading sun. First they are red; then they turn orange. After a while they blush and turn a deep pink before cooling down and turning purple and then blue as the light finally disappears. My favourite feature of the place, though, remains the shoreline. Where the small ripples meet the sand there are interesting textures that excite me eye.

It is peaceful, and at f/1.8 there is no better place to go for a walk with your digital iris.

Location: Avis Dam, Windhoek.
Photographer: Rémy Ngamije