Billionaire Alphabet 26 letters to live by - a design project.

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Author’s note: Way back when I was on Blogger, I had a monthly design magazine running. It was called “Q” – I know, highly original name – and focused on anything and everything. Design was a big part of it, so I always strived to find new ways of expressing ideas and thoughts floating in my head. Needless to say that it took time to make any particular issue of Q and this year, I have had thousands of ideas but no time to sit down and crunch away on the design-o-meter. Hopefully at the end of the year I will have more time to publish some more issues.

If you followed The Quill back when it was starting out – you might have seen the following prints posted as an issue of Q and released under a title called “26 Billion Dollars of the Alphabet”. In their original conception, the following prints were a billionaire’s code of conduct – a guide of things to remember once you had made it, things I thought people forget once they are right at the top.

I was 22 when I made these, and I find them more relevant to me now than I did back then. As my bank account will tell you, I am no billionaire – my ATM card and I are at that point in a relationship  where we do things for each other out of duty, not love. Still, I don’t think you need any number of zeros in your account to take something meaningful away. “F” is particularly important to me right now.

Whether you are a student, an entrepreneur, receptionist, photographer, model, or simply regretting getting up this morning…have a look.

Author’s note: Print, laminate, display. Go mad with them.