I Am | The Doodle Sessions Words and photographs from Windhoek's Doodle Sessions.

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i am | a Saturday afternoon in the city.
i am | pens, pencils, crayons, and sketch pads getting ready for action.
i am | artists, illustrators, designers, and the general populace creating art for art’s sake.
i am | a realisation: if art is not the answer then you asking the wrong question.
i am | an excerpt from the full-read.

“Shop. Eat. Sports. Braai. Drink. Boredom. That is Windhoek in a nutshell. The next weekend, and the one after that, will be the same.

Despite the city’s corporate and construction boom – the commercial sector is growing year by year, South African franchise stores dot the main streets and take up premier real estate in shopping malls, and, across the city’s landscape, buildings are going up – the avenues of entertainment in the city lag behind.

Increasingly, though, being bored in the city, a common ailment suffered by millennials as well as twenty- and thirtysomethings returning to the country from long spells studying and working abroad, is being diagnosed as self-inflicted.

A small cohort of writers, artists, poets, designers, photographers, and musicians passionately and determinedly push theatrical, musical, comedic, and artistic projects that make Windhoek more than a transit lounge for creative people and young professionals looking for a big break somewhere more vibrant. One such initiative, the Doodle Sessions, brings together established and amateur illustrators, painters, and anyone else with an interest in drawing to spend two hours doodling and creating art.”

Words from Windhoek’s Doodle Sessions Draw People Together, featured on brainwavez.org.

i am | The Doodle Sessions

Location: Jojo’s Music & Arts Cafe, Windhoek, Namibia.
Photographer: Rémy Ngamije.