No Guitars For Quitters A playlist for air guitar solos by Séraphin Turihamwe, from The Eternal Audience Of One.

In Cochlea, Writing
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1 hour 18 min (19 tracks)

Rock, blow your speakers up

Jimi Hendrix, The Who, Stevie Knicks

I love rock and roll
So put another dime in the jukebox, baby!
—From I Love Rock & Roll by Joan Jett and The Blackhearts

There is something in the roar of the electric guitar that sings to teenagers everywhere. There is something in the coordinated rat-atat-tat of the drums that thrums deep into the anarchic soul. There is something in the screech and whine of a good rock song that says no rules shall be followed today.

There is something in rock music that makes parents fear. Rightly so.

There has never been rock music without rebellion.

But even though you might not be able to buy a complete drum kit or an electric guitar, even if you do not have a garage that will play host to a failing high school band, you can always rock out with your air guitar and your parents’ sanity.

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No Guitars For Quitters is a playlist by Séraphin Turihamwe from The Eternal Audience Of One, a novel by Rémy Ngamije.