Shoestrings And Sweat Patches A playlist for coming off the bench and laying waste to the court by Séraphin Turihamwe, from The Eternal Audience Of One.

In Cochlea, Writing
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1 hour 16 min (18 tracks)

Gym, justice on the courts

Ludacris, The Game, Kanye West

Ante up, yap that fool
Ante up, kidnap that fool
It’s the perfect timing, you see the man shining
Get up off them goddamn diamonds
—From Ante Up (Remix) by M.O.P featuring Busta Rhymes, Remy Ma, and Teflon

Stretch out the calves and then the hammies and quads.


Do a couple of windmills.


Get the crick out of your neck.


Run on the spot for a few seconds.


Run on the spot for a few seconds.

—“Nothing but net, baby. That’s game!”

Come off the bench. Get ready to lay waste to the court. Ain’t no justice out here. Just game.

“Ait! Who got next?”

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Shoestrings And Sweat Patches Place is a playlist by Séraphin Turihamwe from The Eternal Audience Of One, a novel by Rémy Ngamije.