Smells Like Team Spirit A playlist for blending in but not conforming by Séraphin Turihamwe, from The Eternal Audience Of One.

In Cochlea, Writing
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1 hour 18 min (21 tracks)

Rock, grounded means getting closer to rock

Papa Roach, Sum 41, Foo Fighters

It just takes some time,
Little Girl, you’re in the middle of the ride
Everything, everything will be just fine,
Everything, everything will all right, all right
—From The Middle by Jimmy Eat World

Blend in but do not conform. Camouflage but do not hide. Endure without breaking. Hold on, hold on, hold on.

And this, too, this year of the Great Sulk, shall pass.

It just takes some time…

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Smells Like Team Spirit is a playlist by Séraphin Turihamwe from The Eternal Audience Of One, a novel by Rémy Ngamije.