Soundtrack Of The Disconnect A playlist for breakup sourness by Séraphin Turihamwe, from The Eternal Audience Of One.

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1 hour 20 min (20 tracks)

Sour, never needed you anyway

Blu Cantrell, No Doubt, Justin Timberlake

Remember the days when I was so eager to satisfy you?
Be less then I was just to prove I could walk beside you?
Now that I’ve flown away, I see you’ve chosen to stay behind me
And still you curse the day I decided to stay true to myself.
From On The Radio Time by Nelly Furtado

Knock, knock!
Who’s there?
Me, the person you used to know.
Sorry, but the heart you’re looking for ain’t here.

Sometimes you have to put the redemption stories aside and let go of the cheesiness of life. Because unless your heartbreak’s signed a million dollar recording deal it is going to be scraping the bottom of the emotional barrel.

Sometimes you need to cram all the breakup venom into one concentrated bit and down the whole dose in one go—no spoonful of sugar.


Please return them to sender.

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Soundtrack Of The Disconnect is a playlist by Séraphin Turihamwe from The Eternal Audience Of One, a novel by Rémy Ngamije.