The Importance Of Difference When you cannot make your days better, make them different.

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The internet wants your day to be better. The pop song at the top of the charts wants you to smile and tap your feet as you amble to work; the Tumblr blogs want you to be meet the love of your life every other day; and all the Facebook status updates assure you that this, too, shall pass.

Everything, and everyone, wants your day to be better.

But better cannot be quantified, nor is it guaranteed—heck, if everyone had better days every day we would be living in Utopia by now. But we are not, are we?

Things might not get better. Some days will be worse, some years will be hard. But through all the sunny days and the rainy nights, through the cups of cold coffee and the enveloping blankets, through the clichéd platitudes and newfound strength there will always be difference; your days will never be the same…and neither will you.

And that, friend, just might be its own reward.

DIFFERENCE: Click on the image to download a hi-res version. Designed by: Rémy Ngamije.