Here’s To Moving Words for those who refuse to quit - a poem.

In Graphic Traffic, Words
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Here’s to dreaming, and then planning,
Here’s to making hard choices,
And playing with the hand you have been dealt,
Here’s to bold action,
To quiet determination,
And the sharp intake of breath before the plunge,
Here’s to trying.
Here’s to coming up short,
To this blurry, tear-filled moment,
Destined to become the clearest hindsight,
Here’s to not connecting the dots now…
Here’s to efforts gone astray and the missed rungs,
Here’s to the crying,
And to failing.
And here’s to the hollowness,
To bleak horizons and dark sunrises,
Here’s to the long, hard look behind,
And the nostalgia, the faded happiness,
The fear, the ticking clock,
Here’s to the silence,
Here’s to falling.
Here’s to the slow, stuttering return,
This is for the inches, the yards, the miles,
Here’s to being dropped and picking yourself up again,
…And connecting the dots now (finally),
Here’s to the crawl, the walk, the run,
Here’s to flight,
Here’s to the noise,
And the rise.
This is for trying,
This is for failing,
This for falling,
This is for rising,
This is for not knowing what’s next,
This is for moving (on, up, over, through),
This is for doing it all over again.
REPEAT: Click on the image to download a hi-res version. Designed by: Rémy Ngamije.