Two Spoons Of Jazz A playlist for days when life is missing that special ingredient.

In Cochlea, Words
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There are certain things in life that will never attend to themselves. Masters theses; untidy apartments; the mound of ironed laundry on your chairdrobe; a supper that has enough nutrients to sustain you through the next day of rent-making, tax-paying monotony—these are just some of the adult traps that actually require you to stop thinking about them and do them. If only there was an android in the broom cupboard capable of tackling these adult traps…

Alas, there isn’t. Not yet, at least. But until there is you will find Two Spoons Of Jazz to be amiable company when you are attending to life’s necessities. It is specially curated to be the soundtrack of mundane but necessary tasks.

In addition, if you are hosting a cocktail party of some sort and need music that fosters polite conversation while raising your sophistication meter from zero to major eye-roll proportions you have come to the right place. This is a light Jazz playlist that tickles and soothes even the most heathen ear with its slow canter and approachable melodies. Two Spoons Of Jazz is an aural journey to a time when needles danced on vinyl records, spinning laps around the heartaches and longings of a bygone era.

DURATION: 1 hour 19 mins (23 tracks)
MOOD: Blithe; sneaky romance; this thesis won’t write itself.
NOTABLE ARTISTS: Billie Holiday (An Evening With Billie Holiday; Lady In Satin); Edith Piaf (Non Je Ne Regrette Rien; La Vie En Rose); Duke Ellington (Cocktails For Two; Black And Tan Fantasy); Ray Charles (Georgia On My Mind; I Can’t Stop Loving You); and Josephine Baker (Blue Skies); and Louis Armstrong (Mack The Knife; What A Wonderful World).

Author’s note: Two Spoons Of Jazz is also good for sneaky romances. Trust me on this one. Like, just trust me.