Wholly Words, chosen with a purpose - a poem by Sarah Koopman.

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If you take me, take me wholly.
Wholly and completely.
When you take my mind, take it fiercely.
Question me.
Challenge me.
Look me in the eye and with yours, lead me down the path that takes me
Into my own understanding of the world I think I know.
When you take my body, take it gently
Touch it softly. with
Purpose in every fingertip

As you trace your intention on my skin, and whisper your thoughts into mine
Stop only to intrigue me with your silence.
Choose your pauses deliberately
So that I may forget myself and inhale you with every one

Let your breath be the music I hear as I close my eyes and feel
My limbs no longer my own.
Lost somewhere in yours.
As I run my hands through the softness of you
I am reminded of the fragility of the moment.
That you, me, this could disappear as suddenly as it sparked into life

That it may end with the same intensity that it began.
And that you leave me with a longing for you I never knew I had.

Sarah Koopman is the Features Editor of Marie Claire South Africa. She has had her work published in numerous South African publications. This is her second time writing for rémythequill. Her first piece was published here. Sarah is the only reported case of a girl-cub being successfully raised in the wild by a savage pack of word wolves.