The Last Ticket Out Of Town A playlist for a two-gear town by Séraphin Turihamwe, from The Eternal Audience Of One.

In Cochlea
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1 hour 20 min (20 tracks)

Nostalgic, longing for elsewhere

Dexter Freebish, Alanis Morissette, Tracy Chapman, The Eagles, Semisonic

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.
—From Closing Time by Semisonic

There is a poison that infects the young, restless, and rootless for which no cure can be found. It appears on the distant horizon as a shimmering haze of thereness, as a mirage in the heat which hardens into a clear desire.

Be wary of it, child.

It is in the stars, glittering and glorious, far away. It is in a travel magazine, disguised as a beach on a hidden shore. Sometimes it is on a television program as David Attenborough exploring the tropical wild in latitudes unknown, or as Anthony Bourdain sampling roadside delicacies on a stroll through Hanoi.

Beware, my son.

It is in the air as the promise of adventure, an escape from conformity, from boredom and routine. It is also on the radio as late 90s rock and early 00s pop, whispering of other places, other times, other things. It promises that somewhere out there, far from here, far from this two-gear town, lies the power of reinvention.

Be careful, dear.

This poison is called Elsewhere.

And where it blooms, a story starts.

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The Last Ticket Out Of Town is a playlist by Séraphin Turihamwe. It forms the prologue of The Eternal Audience Of One, a novel by Rémy Ngamije.