An Unwritten Pact Binds even harder.

In Writing
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It is every writer’s prerogative to write what they like; it has always been so. But it is also each writer’s duty to ensure they have the necessary skills to write what they like; with great power must come even greater responsibility.

So, then, if one wants to write a historical novel, they are welcome to do so; but they must ensure that their grasp of history—its facts, its causes, and its consequences—are keenly and truthfully observed.

It is not the responsibility of the reader to be receptive, supportive, or understanding; the writer must do the work necessary to convince the reader that their work is worth investing time in.

This has always been the case in art: the artists must make a case for themselves.

This unwritten pact binds even harder, like sunset and the oncoming evening—one must give way to the other.

POSTSCRIPT: Have you heard the one about the writer who, while seeking the slow life filled with reading and writing, decided to adopt two Staffordshire Bullshit Terrorist puppies? Yeah, it’s a good one.

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