Looking Up A sunset photo-essay from Cape Town, South Africa.

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At sunset, Cape Town’s city centre is buzzing with commotion. People scuttle to and fro as they try to catch their buses, taxis, and trains home; the street peddlers push their carts to alleys and garages for the night; and angry drivers hoot at each other when they get trapped in the gridlock. The city’s day shift passes the baton to the clubs and restaurants that grind out a living after the sun sets. It is a busy time to be on the streets and any walker is best served by being aware of their surroundings.

If, however, you happen to find a spare moment, stand on a street corner and watch the light try to find a permanent purchase on the highrises and ancient architecture. The sun’s last rays slink past window sills, ledges, and arches as they, too, are turned away from their daylong haunts. At the very top of each building, the light lingers for a moment before it boards the dusk express and leaves Cape Town to the night shift.

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